Wrath of the Righteous

An unexpected disovery

16. of Arodus

I do not believe I have ever faced as fierce an opponent as this pack of cultists, and only through perseverance and dumb luck were we victorious in our initial encounter with them. I still cannot believe Erros’ first valiant charge into their midsts, nor how he miraculously made it through unharmed. The rest of the skirmish is a blur. We dove in after Erros and engaged a pack of the madmen lead by a lunatic with a bow and a lizard larger than any I have ever seen. I must have taken an arrow or a bite from the lizard, for not even the combined healing powers of Mikhail and myself could keep me on my feet. I am told that Erros finished off the beast, while Jack and Mikhail drove the leader into a corner and finished her.

As we barely managed to defeat these cultists, we were forced to take another rest, using another dragon scale, before we dared venture forth.

We pushed on further into the lair and finally encountered the cult-leader, a woman called Hosilla. We prepared for what would certainly be a tough battle, but thanks to Cayden’s own luck, the cult leader was knocked out by one of Erros’ spells before the fight had even started.

Without their leader, the remaining cultists proved no match for us, and before long we had cleared the lair. With only Hosilla left alive, we could once again take a short rest, during which Mikhail began interrogating our new prisoner. He discovered Hosilla’s letter that, among other things, spoke of the demon horde’s plan for Kenabres..

… I cannot believe my own eyes, it is really here. I have found Radiance. Hostila’s letter claimed they had stolen it, but until now I could not believe it to be true. I cannot imagine myself being worth of carrying such an artifact, but by Iomedae’s wellformed arse I swear that I’ll nevertheless bring it back to its rightful resting-place.

In the short time I had searched for Radiance, an argument had broken out between Erros and Mikhail regarding Hostilas fate. While they agreed that she could not be released, they could not decide what to do with her.
As neither Mikhail nor myself liked the idea of killing an unarmed woman, Erros agreed that we should bring her with us… I only hope there still are someone alive who know what to do with her.

We left the lair behind us, and as we neared the city sewers, we were clumsily ambushed by a pair of lesser demons. Erros, encumbered with Hostilas unconscious form, and Mikhail, nauseated by the demons foul odor were forced to keep their distance. Jack and I, in a decision that would prove near fatal, agreed to press on. Refusing to wield Radiance against the foul creatures, the demon overpowered me, and had it not been for Jacks timely rescue, I would have met my end there.
Never again will I underestimate the creatures of the abyss. They will once again learn to fear the light of Radiance, and may the divines forgive me should I prove unworthy of wielding her.

As we made our way up through the sewers and once more onto the streets of Kenabres, we were dumbstruck by the hellscape awaiting us at the surface. Houses aflame, screams and hideous laughter wherever you turn, the Kite torn asunder and the wardstone destroyed. I would have fallen to my knees and wept were I not with my companions. But this is not the time. We still have to fight for our city.


Yuven Greeeit

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