Wrath of the Righteous

Arival at Kenabres

16. of Arodus

We emerged into the hell on Golarion that was Kenabres, and staying true to our word, headed straight to the [blacksomething] library to bring Aravashnial back to his comrades. Slowly, we made our way through the burning city, avoiding bands of demons on the hunt for anything to entertain their twisted minds. Fully aware that if caught, death would be a kindness we would swiftly beg for. Like the woman we came accross, bound and naked in the street. Her eyes telling of all the terrors she had seen before the demons had grown bored and left her. I would have liked to help her, but she had clearly been broken beyond any aid, and all we could do for her was give her a mercyfull death.

Further along the road, we came across the Golden Strings, a provider of instruments frequented by Mikhai, as it was being savaged by a [hvaenn den demonen het]. Spotting the aging owners still inside, we had no choice but to run to their aid. I engaged the [rottedemonen], while the others fought off the pack of dretches it had brought along. Bringing the divines wrath with us, we swiftly overpowered the demons, but not before the [rottedemonen], showing its hatered for all things beautifull, took a nasty bite out of Radiance. The others claim I am imagining things, but I know in my heart that the blade has been badly damaged. I am disheartened. I have not yet wielded the blade for five minutes and already she is broken. Iomedae forgive me.

The aging owners were grateful for our aid, but when we offered to bring them along in the search for a safe haven they regused. I tried to reason with them, and given time I would surely have done it, if not for Erros and his idiot mouth. Going on and on about the terrors awaiting outside, the fool scared the old couple near death. For all his wits, the man needs to learn when to hold his tounge, or some day we will all pay the price for it.

Leaving the owners behind, we continued our march towards the [blacksomething] library. We were making good progress when we heared the pleading cries of a young lady. Rushing to her aid, I was distraught to discover it was none other than my Milja, surrounded by our own brothers and sisters in arms. Desperate and wounded, they were resorting to heretical practices long ago forbidden by the church, and attempting to bless their blades with the blood of a maiden. We desperatly tried to reason with them, but lost to madness and dispair, their leader plunged her blade into the poor girl. I do not remember much of the battle, but when I came to, Horgus was cradling Milja’s lifeless body, and we had to tear him away before the last slivers of life left her and all hopes of saving her were lost. After minutes of breathless terror, Mikhail managed to bring her back to life, though her back was injured to such a degree that she was rendered paralyzed. I will save a prayer for all divines good and just, for sparing me this one loss on this tragic day.

Slowly, we moved on, and finally arived at the [blacksomething] library. What awaited us there was a charred ruin, with only a stone tower left standing. As we approached it, a man emerged, his armor drenched in blood and once again we prepared for battle. But he greeted us, and I must admit, I was glad to get a short break from the endless battles. Jack eventually recognised the man as [whatshisface], a local gloryhunter of some renown.
Thinking we had finally found friendly combatants, we were caught flatfooted when he attacked Erros as he was trying to enter the tower.
We fought, and he quickly surrendered, and not eager for more bloodshed we gladly accepted… Untill the depth of his treachery was uncovered. In the tower, we discovered a girl, raped and beaten, desperately attempting to put out a wall of books urrounding the last surviving librarians.
They claimed [whatshisface] had done his foul deeds as a gesture of loyalty to any demon who would accept him.
Needing no more proof of the man’s guilt, I ushered everyone inside so noone would have to bear witness to the foul deed, and then ended the mans life.

We left Aravashnial at the library nd made our way to Gwerm manor. Inside, we were payed quite a heafty sum of gold for our aid, and before we left Horgus even agreed to let survivors take shelter in his fortress-manor. I am hesitant to leave Milja, but other matters require my attention, and as I swore to her, I will find a way to make her better.

On our way to Anevia’s home, we came across some survivors enacting some gruesome play in an outdoor theater. After a short skirmish, we chased away the demon responsible and sendt the poor people to Horgus’ manor for safety.

With no further obstacles in the way, we made our way to Anevia’s home. Treading carefully, and with eyes peeled, we still could not foil the ambush laid for her by a mysterious halfork, and before we could even think, Anevia was ablaze with a spear through her gut.


Yuven Greeeit

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