Wrath of the Righteous

Close encounters

18. Arodus

- Battled up the tower
- Found a tainted divination pool
- clensed said pool, saw div (demon minotaur, ritual elf)
- used last scale to prepare for fight
- Ham was gone (minotaur held us off)
- Erros mangled (seriously bad)
- Stormed out screaming for vengance
- Demon was felled with our combined holy might
- Before Erros could be mourned, Mikhail brought the rod of cancellation to the wardstone fragment.
- Burst of divine power and we were held still and through some magic, Erros was once again with us
- Saw flashbacks of the history of the crusades.
– Saw the creation of the wardstone after the second crusade by an angel and a horde of paladins
– Saw lord huldrun burn some peoples during 3. crusade?
– Saw the stormlord put a crack in the wardstone while shattering his sword before he was nearly destroyed by Terendelev.
– Saw the dwarven crusader (MV) be chased by Irabeth, battle her then escape on fiendish mount.
- Demonish lady projected in, offering limitless power for our service. Naturally we refused.
- She was about to summon in loads of div, and we would have been overrun had not a second burst of holy energy destroyed her projection and shattered her portals like glass.
The few demons who made it through would easily have slain us, had the wardstone not infused us with a divine power I cannot even begin to describe. It felt as if we could singelhandedly take on the abyss and win. Before long, the demons were slain or fleeing in panic, and with a salvo that shook the tower to its very core, Mikhail finished off the final demons.

Staggered by this unknown power, we suddenly found ourselves in a great hall, domed by a night-sky unlike any I have ever seen. Before us was a pedestal, where seated on tall thrones sat the unmistakable forms of Torag, Sarenrae, Desna and, slumped across the final throne, Cayden himself.

- Saying they had watched over us for a while, but been unable to act, Iomedae bid us take up arms in their steads, and fight the hordes of the abyss for the sake of all that is good in this good world.

- should have asked Iomedae if it was ok to keep borrowing radiance, and hope (if it’s not to presumptuous) to one day take Cayden up on his offer of the pub.

- we were returned to the church to find it cleansed of the evil taint. Irabeth asked what happened, and Erros, with words not completely unfitting for the occasion, mangled the tale of our meeting with the gods. Irabeth was awestruck, but no more so than we were.


Yuven Greeeit

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