Wrath of the Righteous

The first counter-attack

17.-18. of Arodus

- I was dead(ish)
- found Faxon’s treasury and evil plans of evilness
- found letter to faxon
- returned to the heart with evil plans
- horgus was there, with Irabeth thanking him for something.
- old man called quendys was there
- horgus left
- everyone thankfull for our work
- i was brought back
- was going to take bath, found Milja, plans changed
- ordered fullplate from caelda
- next day: Irabeth told about plans to destroy wardstone-fragments
- went to church with irabeth
- destroyed corrupted remains of lord Nyserian and high inquisitor Huldrun.
- fought our way through packs of demons and cultists.
- found a lunatic in charge of the enimies on this floor, destroyed him
- after securing the floor, with the blessings of iomedae we discovered an armory in the back of the church, prepared to push further into the church.


Yuven Greeeit

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