Anevia Tirabade

Swiftfooted rogue


Anevia was one of the fortunate survivors who survived the attack on Kenabres. Along with Aravashnial, Horgus Gwerm and The Crimson Terminatus, she found herself in the caves beneath Kenabres. During the fall, her foot was crushed by a falling boulder, but she was fortunate to receive the one regenerative potion found by Erros.

Separated from her wife Irabeth, she requested the aid of the Terminatus in returning to the surface, and reuniting with her wife.

Ever patient, she was the last to be escorted to her home. At arrival, she was ambushed by the [Halfork wizardmagusthingy] and only through the healing arts of Mikhail Andronikov did she survive her wounds.

Following a clue left by Irabeth, she and the Terminatus found their way to the resistance holed up at the Defenders Heart where she was finally reunited with her wife.

Anevia Tirabade

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