Elven wizard of the Riftwardens


Aravashnial was one of the fortunate survivors who survived the attack on Kenabres. Along withAnevia Tirabade, Horgus Gwerm and The Crimson Terminatus, he found himself in the caves beneath Kenabres. Having taken a balor whip to the eyes, he was rendered blind, and when he did not receive the regenerative potion found by Erros, Mikhail Andronikov swore he would be the elf’s eyes until he could have his sight restored. He requested the aid of the Terminatus to help him return to the [blacksomething library] and his order of riftwardens.

Along the way, it became clear that there was bad blood between the elf and Horgus.

Living the closest to where they band emerged from the cave, he was the first to be escorted to his home. When they arrived, they found the library in ruins, and the survivors about to be burned alive by the traitor [whatshisface].

The Terminatus dealt with the villain and left Aravashnial with his friends.


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