Horgus Gwerm

Sly merchant


Wealthy Kenabresi merchant and the overprotective father of Milja Gwerm.

Horgus was one of the fortunate survivors who survived the attack on Kenabres. Along withAnevia Tirabade, Aravashnial and The Crimson Terminatus, he found himself in the caves beneath Kenabres. As a Kenabresi noble, he demanded that the Terminatus escort him to his home in the south gate district, and offered a hefty reward should they aid him.

Along the way, it became clear that there was bad blood between the Horgus and Aravashnial, and barely a minute went by without a snide comment or belittlement from Horgus.

After emerging from the cave, he begrudgingly followed the Terminatus on their way to the [blacksomething] library. On the way, they came upon a group of crusaders about to bless their weapons using the blood of his daughter Milja.

With the help of the Terminatus, the girl’s life was spared, although she was rendered paralyzed. When he finally arrived at his home, Horgus paid the adventurers and agreed to accept survivors into his fortress mansion.

Horgus Gwerm

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