Wrath of the Righteous

Disaster in Kenabres
16. of Arodus

Went to the opening of the Armasse festival with Mikhail, Jack and Erros. We were seated next to a woman whose presence and beauty I could not possibly do justice with mere words, and Erros was, in an uncharacteristicly social manner, making a complete fool of himself.

The inoguration was about to start when a fiery light from the keep lit up the morning sky, and out of nowhere, a demon appeared who could only have been the storm-king himself. The woman disappeared in a flash of light, and in her place stood Terendelev, kenabres’ draconic defender. The ancient dragon launched herself into the air and engaged the invading demon, and we could only watch in horror as she was struck down. It was at this point that the earth itself seemed to open its jaws and swallow us whole, and only by the dying effort of Terendelev did we avoid plummeting to our deaths.

When we regained consciousness, we were halfway buried, and only by the grace of Cayden himself had we avoided being crushed under a mountain of rubble. Anevia was not so lucky, and only barely did we manage to dig her leg out from beneath a large boulder. She was one of only three others to survive the fall with us. Apart from her, there is Horgus Gwerm, a loudmouthed, pompous aristocrat I can only pray has no relation to my beloved Milja, and Aravashnial, an elven mage, who during the battle was struck blind by the great demon.

We also discovered a few remaining scales of the great dragon and as they still seem to carry some of her magic, we decided to keep them. Erros also discovered a regenerative potion that cured Anevia’s broken leg.

Together, we started exploring the endless darkness of the cave. We came upon an abandoned campsite, and a small church of Torag, whose only inhabitant was the shambling husk of its former priest. Only barely did we manage to destroy the undead creature, as its foul magic struck both me and Jack unconscious, but not before I managed to chip my sword on one of the stone pews. I pray that Cayden let one of the demons end me before SHE finds out about the sword….It will probably be a more mercyfull death.
We left the church after only a short rest, and while it pains me to see a holy site unsanctified and in such disrepair, we have more pressing concerns.


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